Supplements and stabilizer

Low-dosage technical ingredients, which you can use also with a cold process. They enable to solve many gelato problems: structure, creaminess, volume, dripping.
PF032CREMOLINA (in paste form)Supplement made with emulsifiers in paste form. A technical ingredient that increases the volume of gelato, as well as its spreadability keeping the structure high.Paste3g/l51NeutralH/C
P007AINTEGRA LATTEMilk protein supplement making gelato warm to the palate, improving both the structure and the showcase holding. Moreover, it slows down the dripping process and increases the creaminess.Powder20g/l18NeutralH/C
P011INTEGRA PANNAVegetable fats and protein supplement suitable for making
a tall, full and airy gelato.
Fine-tunes the structure and holding of gelato to correct any difference in smoothness between flavours like zabaglione, Malaga, tiramisu and cassata.
PC531PINTEGRA STRUTTURA (in paste form)Liquid supplement made with reducing sugars that prevents the formation of ice crystals, improves the structure and gives body to gelato, increasing its spreadability.Paste20g/l32NeutralH/C
P152INTEGRA FIBREVegetable fibres and fructose supplement, free of sucrose, fats and milk derivatives.
Prevents ice crystals formation. Improves showcase holding, giving the gelato a creamier, full and stable shape. Perfect to correct water separation defects in sorbets.
P1232SPEEDY +4Powdered product that, added to the products of the Speedy line, enables to create a stable mousse at positive temperature. Speedy +4 can be stored at a temperature of -18°C, without having undesired structure changes.Powder50/70g/l18NeutralH
P138MERINGA PIU'Powdered product ideal for egg white-based products, such as meringues for parfaits, baking meringues, dacquoise and macaroon.Powder400g/l2.54NeutralH/C
P018APIUGELProduct useful to increase the gelato body, as well as to decrease the freezing and sweetness point.Powder10/50g/l25NeutralH/C
PC606ZUCCHERO D'UVAGrape sugar - only available in liquid form - is a natural product, obtained by purification of grape must. It is mainly composed of fructose and glucose and is perfect for artisanal gelato, giving it smoothness and silkiness. Comprital’s grape sugar has a concentration of approx. 65° brix, with a slightly fruity and unobtrusive aroma.Liquid10/60g/l1.310FruitH/C
P114ANEUMILK 5/C5g/l2.54NeutralH
P094NEUTRO 3 - 5 LATTE5g/l110NeutralH
P097ANEUTRO 3 - 5 FRUTTA5g/l18NeutralH





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