A selection of fruit-based or cream ripples. A wide range of consistencies - creamy, smooth or crispy - and flavours to enrich gelato.
PC791ALBICOCCAApricot sauce with pieces of semi-candied apricots.q.s.32Apricot
with pieces
PF199CAMARENASour cherry sauce rich in whole black cherries.q.s.3.52Sour cherry
with pieces
PC757ARANCIA (con filetti d’arancia)Orange sauce with candied orange fillets.q.s.32Orange
with pieces
PC786FICO AL CARAMELLOFig, caramel sauce and caramelized figs sauce.q.s.32Fig
with pieces
PF198DFRAGOLINEStrawberry sauce with whole strawberries.q.s.3.52Strawberry
with pieces
PF291PFRUTTI DI BOSCOMixed berries sauce with whole red fruits.q.s.3.52Wild berries
with pieces
PC789LAMPONERaspberry sauce with raspberry pulp and pieces.q.s.32Raspberrywith pulp and pieces
PC760LIMONE E ZENZEROLemon and ginger sauce with semi-candied lemon fillets.q.s.32Lemon and ginger
with pieces
PC801LIMONE LIME BERGAMOTTOLemon, lime and bergamot sauce with semi-candied lemon and lime fillets.q.s.32Lime and bergamot
with pieces
PC787MANGOMango sauce with pieces of semi-candied mango.q.s.32Mango
with pieces
PC788MANGO PASSION YUZUSauce with mango, passion fruit and yuzu, a characteristic and very fragrant Japanese citrus fruit.q.s.32Mango, Passion fruit and Yuzu with pieces
PC798MELACompote of apple puree and semi-candied apple pieces.q.s.32Apple
with pieces
PF292PPASSION FRUITPassion fruit sauce with maracuja seeds.q.s.3.52Passion Fruit
with seeds
PC790PESCAYellow peach sauce with semi-candied peach pieces.q.s.32Peach
with pieces
PC785CHOCO COFFEE CRUNCHCocoa, coffee and crispy wafer cream.q.s.2.52Cocoa and coffee
with wafer
PC056PCHOCO CRUNCHChocolate cream with wafers and crunchy chopped hazelnuts.q.s.2.52Chocolate
with wafer
PC702CHOCO RICE BIANCOWhite chocolate cream with crunchy puffed rice.q.s.2.52White chocolate with puffed rice
PC703CHOCO RICE FONDENTEDark chocolate cream with crunchy puffed rice.q.s.2.52Dark chocolate
with puffed rice
PC792COCO CRUNCHWhite chocolate, almond and coconut cream with crunchy almonds and coconut flakes.q.s.2.52White chocolate, coconut
and almond
PC743CREMA CHOCO-REOChocolate cream enriched by cocoa cookies, suitable for delicious ripples.q.s.2.52Chocolate
and cookie
PC510PFROLLINODark chocolate cream with pieces of cocoa cookies.q.s.2.52Dark chocolate with cocoa cookies
PF296PNOCCIOLA CRUNCHHazelnut cream, with crunchy chopped hazelnuts pralines.q.s.32Hazelnut
with grain
PC706PEANUT CRUNCHPeanut cream with salted crunchy peanuts.q.s.2.52Peanut with crunchy salted peanuts
PF295PPISTACCHIO CRUNCHPistachio cream, with crunchy candied pistachios.q.s.32Pistachio with crunchy pistachios
PF902DPRALICREMHazelnut and cocoa (22-24) spreadable cream, ideal for filling pastries.q.s.3.52Hazelnuts
and cocoa
PF906DSPALMARELLAHazelnut and cocoa (10-12) spreadable cream, ideal for rippling and filling pastries.q.s.3.52Hazelnuts
and cocoa
PC528PTOFFEE MOUToffee flavoured cream.q.s.32Toffee Mou
PC093PTORTA DI MELEApple pie flavoured cream.q.s.32Apple pie
PC524PWHISKYWhiskey cream.q.s.32Whisky





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