Milk Bases

Our milk bases selection offers a wide range satisfying any need of gelato makers. High, medium and low dosage bases, for hot and cold processing, with or without vegetable fats.
B054ABASE 50Clean label and vegetable fat-free base for a creamy, fresh and compact gelato.50g/l2.54Milk/creamHA
B824BASE ITALIA 50Characterized by a vanilla flavour, for a balanced gelato both in terms of structure and taste.50g/l2.54Milk/
B825ABASE PLUS 50Neutral base, free of emulsifiers, flavourings,
rich in fibres like acacia
and baobab.
B037CHIMERAVegetable fat-free base.
The use of milk fats makes the product stable, silky, rich and resistant to thermal shocks.
and butter notes
B035IDRAMilk base to make a creamy and dry gelato, with an excellent resistance to temperature changes.50g/l2.54MilkH/CV
B898BASE NATURALE 75Milk base characterized by a clean label, free of any vegetable fats and emulsifiers. Creamy, silky, resistant to temperature changes. Ensures an excellent overrun
over time.
75g/l110Neutral with milk cream and vanilla notesHA
B211ALATTE GIUBILEONatural milk base, free of vegetable fats, emulsifiers and artificial flavourings. Delivers a gelato with an excellent spreadability, creaminess, silkiness and smoothness even at -20°. Excellent for cakes
and take-away products, thanks to its greater smoothness also at very low storage temperatures.
100g/l112Neutral with vanilla and honey notesH
B346BILANCIATA BASE 100Vegetable fat-free milk base, characterized by a balanced aroma of milk and cream for a compact gelato that is warm to the palate.100g/l2.54Milk/creamH
B032INVIDIAVegetable fat-free base.
The use of fractionated milk fats makes the product stable, silky, rich and resistant to thermal shocks.
100g/l2.54Cream with butter notesH/C
B147BASE SAN MARCO 100Complete base characterized by a creamy and stable structure.100g/l2.54MilkH/CV
B148BASE S.MARCO 100 PANNAMilk base characterized
by a pronounced aroma
of cream. Excellent spreadability, creaminess
and showcase holding.
B024ACOMPRIPAN 100Traditional milk base characterized by milk
and cream aroma.
B902BASE LACTOSE FREE 100Lactose-free base, without vegetable fats, with a creamy and stable structure.100g/l110MilkH/C
B026DUNICAVegetable fat-free base, characterized by a strong aroma of milk and cream. Delivers a soft and creamy gelato, with a clean taste and
dry structure with a high overrun.
100g/l2.54Milk with cream and vanilla notesH/C
B005NIRVANABase ideal to make a creamy gelato with a balanced flavour profile. Provides an excellent holding, in particular for showcase gelato, and high spreadability.100g/l2.54MilkH/CV
B118NIRVANA PANNABase ideal for showcasing tall gelato with excellent spreadability, smoothness and creaminess.100g/l2.54Milk, cream and vanillaH/CV
B202NIRVANA RBase with a neutral taste, both for hot and cold process, to achieve an excellent structure and creaminess.100g/l2.54NeutralH/CV
B138MUSA 150Ideal to make a gelato warm to the palate, creamy and spreadable, with a structure resistant to temperature changes.150g/l2.54MilkH/CV
B312ROYALPANNAVegetable fat-free milk base, made with simple ingredients. Characterized by a balanced aroma of milk, rich flavour, excellent structure and creaminess.180g/l24Cream and vanillaH
B311AROYALBASEBase characterized by a strong aroma of milk and vanilla for a creamy gelato with an excellent structure and showcase holding.180g/l24Milk and vanillaHV
B897ROYALBASE PLUSBase characterized by a strong aroma of milk and vanilla for a creamy gelato
with an excellent structure and showcase holding.
To be processed only by addingmilk, cream and granulated sugar.
190g/l24Milk and vanillaHV
B356BASE ITALIA 250Rich base with a fresh flavour, with a mild milk and vanilla aroma to bring out the best of the different flavourings.250g/l24Milk and vanillaHV
B165BHEIDIBalanced and easy-to-use base, characterized by a strong cream flavour for a gelato with a soft and creamy structure.300g/l24CreamHV
B852COMPRIMIX 500Balanced and easy-to-use base, with a balanced taste of cream.330g/l2.54CreamHV
B904BASE LACTOSE FREE 500Complete lactose-free base, characterized by a creamy and stable structure.500g/l2.54MilkHV
B913DOLOMITI 500Balanced and easy-to-use base, with a neutral taste and excellent performance both for cold and hot process.500g/l2.54MilkH/CV





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