Azienda Comprital Company semilavorati per gelateria e pasticceria
Comprital Spa, an Italian company specialized in the production and distribution of

semi-finished products for ice cream and pastry shops.

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Comprital Giubileo semilavorati per la pasticceria altissima qualità Semilavorati per gelateria e pasticceria

Giubileo – natural ice cream

Giubileo experience integrates products and technologies that allow you to obtain a homemade ice cream, natural, of the highest quality.

Vegan Products

Over 160 products certified VEGANOK to prepare an ice cream free of any element of animal origin.

White chocolate and raspberry cake

prodotti per gelateria Comprital variegati


A selection of fruit-based ripples. A wide range of consistencies – creamy, smooth or crispy – and flavours to enrich gelato.

Semifreddi e prodotti per pasticceria Comprital Semilavorati per gelateria e pasticceria

Parfaits and dessert products

A selection of products to make parfaits, soft serve desserts, frozen pastries and single portions easily and quickly.

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