The Gastronomic Gelato

Giubileo Chef Experience is a line of powder bases designed specifically for the gastronomic world, to combine ice cream with haute cuisine excellence in creative recipes with vegetables, cheeses, meat.

Prodotti comprital Giubileo Chef Experience
Prodotti Comprital

An exclusive label for haute cuisine

Giubileo Chef Experience is part of the Jubilee Experience program, adapting to gastronomic applications the same characteristics of quality, genuineness, texture and persistence of taste, with in addition a value POD (sweetening power) exceptionally reduced.

Base Crema

“Giubileo Chef Experience” “Giubileo Chef Experience” CREMA is the perfect base to obtain a full-bodied and velvety ice cream ready to wrap, with a good structure recipes based on ingredients of marked intensity such as cheese, meat, truffles.

Prodotti Comprital
Prodotti Comprital

Base Sorbetto

“Giubileo Chef Experience” “Jubilee Chef Experience” SORBETTO is the ideal base for the preparation of vegetable sorbets. It offers a fresh and clean result enhancing the taste of the main ingredients of the recipes.

Showcase the excellence of your business

Propose Giubileo Chef Experience in a jar. The customer will bring home an idea of extraordinary and innovative ice cream tasting.

Giubileo chef Experience