By mixing Speedy products of different tastes, you can get contrasts and particular aromaticity, creating many versions of the same starting taste. A creative approach that allows you to take advantage of the wide range of Speedy creating thousands of reasoned and winning combinations, optimizing raw materials and production. A further creative push dedicated to a product that has made history in the world of ice cream.

Speedy Mix is the new Comprital Project linked to the Speedy world. The technical approach of Comprital on products has led, over the years, to use the Speedy line in more than ten different applications. Speedy Mix takes the Speedy line to the next level, introducing a foodpairing logic, to create amazing taste connections.

Mix two bags of different flavours


Speedy Mix takes the Speedy line to the next level, introducing a foodpairing logic, to create amazing taste connections. By mixing Speedy of assorted flavours, you can get aromatic contrasts and specificity, creating hundreds of combinations.
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Discover all the combinations in the Speedy Mix digital recipe book.

Unleash your creativity and share it with Comprital community

Speedy Mix Creations is the area where Comprital customers can express their passion, fantasy and creativity, sharing their work with a community of experienced gelato makers.

A collection of original creations, made with Speedy products and suitable for inspiring and getting inspired by the works of other professionals.


Let your imagination run wild and create your original Speedy Mix. Match 2 or more Speedy flavors, select a Comprital ripple, dried or fresh fruit and enrich your creation with an original decoration


Take a picture, write down your recipe and send it to Every month Comprital will select the best recipe and share it on its Instagram profile, so that this may inspire other gelato and pastry professionals.

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Halal Certificate

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Speedy Trilogy

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Speedy Classic

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Le Glasse di Fusto


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