Comprital has equipped itself with an IT system for the management of whistleblowing, which allows potential violations to be communicated to the company in a completely anonymous or confidential manner (at the whistleblower's discretion), guaranteeing protection against any form of retaliation or discrimination.

Everyone has the opportunity to contact Comprital: employees, suppliers, consultants or, more generally, stakeholders with an interest in the Company.

Comprital encourages you to report, in good faith, any behaviour - commission or omission - carried out in Comprital or in its relationships with it, that violates (or induces to violate) the applicable regulations, its values or its procedures, or that may cause an economic or reputational damage to Comprital itself.

Comprital ensures the analysis of all the reports received and the collection of objective elements aimed at the adoption of measures to correct the violations that have emerged. The whistleblower will always be informed of the outcome of the investigations on what he has reported.

The results of the analyses are also reported to the governance and control bodies of the company, including, for competence, the Supervisory Board.