Giubileo Experience proposes a full range of products characterized by highly selected natural ingredients, free from emulsifiers, hydrogenated and refined vegetable fats. Only ingredients easily recognizable by the consumer for an ice cream with clean label, impeccable taste and structure.
B217BBASE GIUBILEO FRUTTA PIÚ100% fruit base, stabilized with pectin and free from emulsifiers. Also, suitable to create ripples, gelee, cakes, single portions and fruit syrups.100g/l112NeutralH
B211ABASE GIUBILEO LATTENatural base, free from vegetable fats, emulsifiers and artificial flavourings. Only contains cane sugar and carob seed flour.100g/l112NeutralH
B214ABASE GIUBILEO CIOCCOLATOClean label and balanced base, characterized by a high percentage of pure dark chocolate with a full and lasting flavour. Free of emulsifiers and vegetable fats.200/250g/l110ChocolateH
B212BASE GIUBILEO FRUTTABase ideal for making 100% natural sorbets enhancing the flavour and colour of fruit without using emulsifiers.250g/l112NeutralH
PC670SOLUZIONE FRUTTA GIUBILEONatural base, free from emulsifiers and containing only natural ingredients. Perfect to make sorbets, cremolata and semifreddos.310g/l1.510NeutralC
PC650PBAMARETTO GIUBILEOPaste rich in amaretti grain, with grape sugar and raw cane sugar, with a pleasant bitter almond taste.100g/l2.52Amaretto
and bitter almond
PC626PBCAFFE' DEL NONNO GIUBILEOCoffee-based paste with a blend of Arabica and Robusta, raw cane sugar and grape sugar.50g/l32Coffee
PC627PBCANNELLA GIUBILEOPaste made with pure cinnamon, cane sugar and grape sugar.50g/l32Cinnamon
PC637PBCARAMEL MOU GIUBILEOPaste made with concentrated whole milk, caramelized sugar, raw cane sugar and grape sugar, with a typical toffee flavour.80 g/l32Caramel Mou
PC646PCARAMELLO SALATO GIUBILEOPaste with a typical toffee flavour, with a light salty note, made from concentrated whole milk, caramelized sugar, raw cane sugar and grape sugar.100g/l32Salted caramel mou
PC634PBCOCCO GIUBILEOCoconut rape paste with raw cane sugar and grape sugar.100g/l32Coconut
PC643PBLIQUIRIZIA ANICE STELLATO GIUBILEOPaste made from liquorice with a note of star anise, with raw cane sugar and grape sugar.100g/l2.52Liquorice and anise
PC649PBMALAGA GIUBILEOPaste made with egg yolk, rum and raisins, raw cane sugar and grape sugar.100g/l32Malaga
PC628PBMENTA PIPERITA GIUBILEOPaste made with natural peppermint flavour, raw cane sugar and grape sugar.40-50g/l32Peppermint
PC640PA"NOCCIOLA PIEMONTE IGP" GIUBILEOPGI-certified lightly roasted and refined Piedmont hazelnut paste.100g/l2.52100% roasted hazelnut paste
PC089PPISTACCHIO PURO GIUBILEO COLORPistachio paste green-coloured.100g/l2.52100% pistachio paste
PC583PBPISTACCHIO PURO GIUBILEO NO COLORPistachio paste without colorants.100g/l2.52100% pistachio paste
PC434PROSA GIUBILEOPaste with rose aromatic hints, raw cane sugar and grape sugar.50g/l32Rose
PC629PBTIRAMISU' GIUBILEO (con mascarpone)Paste with the characteristic flavour of the popular Italian Tiramisu, with egg yolk, Marsala wine, coffee and fresh mascarpone, cane sugar, grape sugar.80 g/l32Tiramisù
PC636PBVANIGLIA GIUBILEO (Madagascar)White-coloured pasta, with egg yolk, Madagascar vanilla extract, raw cane sugar and grape sugar, characterized by citrus and almond notes.50g/l32Vanilla
PC638PBZABAIONE DI ZIBIBBO GIUBILEOPaste made from egg yolk and Sicilian IGT Zibibbo.80 g/l2.52Zabajone
PC639PBZUPPA INGLESE GIUBILEOPaste made with marasca cherry liqueur, raw cane sugar and grape sugar.50g/l32Trifle
P394CIOCCOLATO MIX GIUBILEOProduct made with dark chocolate powder and low-fat cocoa. Ideal for chocolate sorbets, mousses, Bavarian and hot chocolate.70/100g/l1.52Dark chocolate
P455CLIQUIRIZIA PURA PREMIUM100% pure liquorice powder.25g/l110Liquorice
P408AMASCARGEL GIUBILEOPowdered product with a characteristic mascarpone aroma.50g/l110Mascarpone
P485TE' MATCHA GIUBILEOMade from Matcha Tea, without colorants or flavours.100g/l112Matcha tea
B354GIUBILEO CHEF EXPERIENCE CREMABase characterized by a clean label, free of vegetable fats and emulsifiers, suitable to prepare gastronomic gelato made from cheese, meat and fish. Enables to get a smooth and creamy structure in both the batcher and the Pacojet.250g/l110NeutralH
B355GIUBILEO CHEF EXPERIENCE SORBETTOBase characterized by a clean label, free of vegetable fats and emulsifiers, suitable to prepare gastronomic sorbets with vegetables. Suitable to get a smooth and creamy structure in both the batcher and the Pacojet.320g/l1.38NeutralH
PC606GRAPE SUGARGrape sugar - only available in liquid form - is a natural product, obtained by purification of grape must. It is mainly composed of fructose and glucose and is perfect for artisanal gelato, giving it smoothness and silkiness. Comprital’s grape sugar has a concentration of approx. 65° brix, with a slightly fruity and unobtrusive aroma.1.310-H/C





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