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Frozen yoghurt is the 2000s “cool food”. its name recalls a healthy life and a light and modern diet.

The century-old know-how in gelato and frozen desserts made of simple and genuine ingredients is reflected by the frozen yoghurt and has enabled us to make it appreciated everywhere in the world.

Comprital has made the history and is one of the protagonists of this successful phenomenon as it researches every day for new ideas to launch on an attentive and aware market that is eager for novelties.

  • FROZEN YO+ Comprtital vegan ok

    We have started many years ago with a product called Frozen Yo+ which today we identify with the adjective “Classic”, due to the success we achieved over time. Frozen Yo+ with its acid and fresh taste, fat free and based on fresh milk and yoghurt is vailable also in the W version (water) to simply dilute with water and yoghurt.


    The Greek yoghurt is famous in the world due to its creamy consistency and compactness. A rich and flavorful product, with some fats, but well-balanced for a healthy and natural diet. The Frozen Yo+ Greek version follows this principle and gives the operator the opportunity to prepare it in different ways, which were unimaginable until today: sticks, cakes, trays and biscuits to consume at the premise or comfortably at home. A different, rich and creamy frozen yoghurt for home consumption, a market segment that cannot be faced with standard products, as in the home freezers they would become hard and poorly flavored. A product that can be batched by mean of a soft serve machine or professional gelato freezer directly in the gelato tray, in order to obtain a yoghurt to serve with spoon or scoop, just like a tasteful “yoghurt gelato”, even with honey and walnuts according to the Greek tradition.


    Without lactose as the fresh yoghurt. Suitable for an attentive diet, but as much tasty as the classic version.


    The consumers aim increasingly more to products flaunting a simple and clean label of ingredients. For the N version we replaced sugar with fructose and eliminated all emulsifying agents and stabilisers. The product was studied to support a high percentage of fresh yoghurt (up to 50% of liquids) to reach the most natural taste. The Frozen Yo+ N flaunts a slightly fruity taste, the typical creamy texture of frozen yoghurt and a good stability to melting, even without stabilisers. The final ingredients will be milk, yoghurt, fructose, prebiotic vegetable fibre, glucose syrup, citric acid and flavors.


    The first frozen yoghurt without added sugars and sweetened with stevia, the natural sweetener appreciated all over the world. For this version all sugars (except of lactose which milk and yoghurt contain naturally) were eliminated. Their partial replacement with fibres makes the product “rich in fibres”. The total calories of the product amount to 70 kcal/100 grams, thus 30% less than any other fat-free frozen yoghurt: a value which is very close to the pure fresh yoghurt. All that without affecting the persistent and fresh flavor and the creamy and rich texture, even without fats. Easy preparation, as we use water and yoghurt at room temperature. The Frozen Yo+ STV is the product that the frozen yoghurt market was expecting.


    A product to dilute simply with water and yoghurt.


    The ideal product to prepare an icy yoghurt drink in a blender or in a slush maker. The dose changes depending on the application.


    Speedy Yoghurt is the ideal base to make wonderful smoothies with fruit or toppings.


  • SUPERYO' Comprtital vegan ok

    Powder product with yoghurt and natural flavors for a delicate taste rich in whole yoghurt.

  • VEGANYO' Comprtital vegan ok

    A yoghurt flavour for an all vegan product, without any animal products. Try it in the delicious strawberry, passion fruit or forest fruits flavours.

  • YOGURT Comprtital vegan ok


  • YO+

    Powder product with yoghurt and a bold and persistent flavor. A classic of gelato making.

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