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Ernst Knam, internationally famous chocolate master and tv star, signs for comprital new offers which will emotion the word of excellence gelato making.

All produced with high-quality raw materials, free from added vegetable fats and from emulsifying agents*, with cane and grape sugar.


    A new concept of chocolate gelato. Developed by Ernst Knam for Comprital. In the bag the chocolate is present in powder and buttons, clearly separated. The bag can be completely diluted in hot water or part of the chocolate in buttons separated and melted for a subsequent addition during the batch freezing for a total characterization of the taste that still remains. The product is free from milk derivatives.The taste of the gelato is strong, full and round, with no sensation of sandiness, with a smooth and creamy sensation on the palate like that of real chocolate. An explosion that leaves the palate quickly clean, without long persistence, to make you want a second portion immediately after.


    Mix in powder for chocolate gelato available in bags of 1.3 kg to dilute with milk (possibly warm). It consists of a mix of top quality chocolate and cocoa characterised by a colour tending to polished mahogany, with unique flavor. Sweetened with golden caster cane sugar and grape sugars in order to enhance the slightly fruity taste of the finished product and the naturalness of chocolate. The absence of emulsifying agents and the use of only natural ingredients (such as only one stabilizer like carob seed gum) make the label very attractive for the final customer. It is free from colourings, artificial aromas, but it contains only a skilful combination of vanilla extracts with other spices.


    As a natural development of Knam’s chocolate world, the white chocolate is delicate to the palate with hints of berries and vanilla. A top-quality product revealing the whole class of the best master’s inventions.

  • DARK CHOCOLATE SAUCE Comprtital vegan ok

    A delicious soft dark chocolate sauce to use as a ripple. Ideal if used in a Smart machine equipped with the exclusive Knam die-cut display.

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*No emulsifying agents in powdered products