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Complete range for the preparation of semifreddos, spoon desserts, gelato pastry and mono portions.


    Stabilizing base for the preparation of semifreddi completely natural. The stabilization of whipped cream is assisted by the presence of albumin together with gelatine and unmodified starches. Anima has no vegetable fats and aromas to keep the taste of the characteristic elements unaltered such as fresh cream and any meringue you want to add or not to increase the softness of the finished product.


    Prepared powder for semifreddi easy to use and completely natural. Create a finished product that is well demoulded, stable and rich.


    The product is a mixture of sugars and cold jelly, which is used to create insert gels for semifreddi cakes, gelato, etc. starting from ripple sauces and fruit purees.

  • BIANCOCREAM (whipping cream in powder with vegetal fats)

    Its production started many years ago with semifreddos and mono portions. Later it was adapted to some recipes aimed at producing the first “Hot Gelato” following the requests of some of our customers. The whipped product is extremely stable, creamy and rich, featuring a clean taste. The selection of ingredients makes it very natural to the palate without the typical aftertaste of these products.

  • MONRO' (whipping cream in powder with butter fat)

    It’s the first product to prepare cakes, semifreddi, mono-portions and hot gelato free from hydrogenated vegetable fats, but with selected and high quality milk fats. The milk fats give the semifreddos and the hot gelato a very clean taste and texture to the palate. Their slow and regular melting features are free from oiliness, which is characteristic of hydrogenated vegetable fats. The powder has to be simply diluted with cold milk or cream and later whipped into a planetary mixer. The increase in volume is similar to that with vegetable fats (250-300%) and it features the same stability over time (it doesn’t collapse at room temperature). In the showcase it maintains a higher softness compared with the products with vegetable fats, both as take-away gelato or hot gelato, and also in the freeze room as a semifreddo.


    Non-flavored granmousse base to be flavored at your own preference by adding any paste from our Giubileo, Classic and Primafrutta range.


    A range of vegetable fat free pastes, quick to prepare and ideal for semifreddi. Dilute 500 g of Granmousse with 1 litre of cream. Use either a planetary mixer or an electric whipping machine to obtain a ready-made semifreddo. A strong bitter chocolate flavor.


    A range of vegetable fat free pastes,quick to prepare and ideal for semifreddi. Dilute 500 g of Granmousse with 1 litreof cream. Use either a planetary mixeror an electric whipping machine to obtaina ready-made semifreddo. A well-balanced recipe to enhance the natural cream taste.

  • GLASSÉ CHOCOLATEComprtital vegan ok

    A cake icing to decorate semifreddi for a simple, elegant and high-impact result.


    A cake icing to decorate semifreddi for a simple, elegant and high-impact result.


    A special sugar for solid decorations to coat semifreddi, cakes, gelato and single portions; it melts easily in the microwave oven and crystallises acquiring the selected shape during the cooling process forming pieces of sugar that can be used to decorate your dessert.

  • SOLUZIONE FRUTTA GIUBILEO (cold process)Comprtital vegan ok

    Soluzione Frutta is the solution for the gelato maker who Wants easiness and the highest quality. A liquid mix with ingredients that the consumer knows well (cane sugar, grape sugar…), the use of pectin as only stabiliser, and its application to sorbets with a high percentage of fruit (or semifreddo with impeccable label) make it the ideal product for sorbets and Italian ices, with an outstanding list of ingredients. Even the most demanding customer will be convinced, day by day, by this product without milk derivatives and fats. Soluzione Frutta Comprital contains about 70° Bx and 267 Kcal/100g. Today available in the new and practical Tetra Pak packaging.

  • RAPID GEL Comprtital vegan ok

    vegetal ready to use gelatin (in paste form) / for shiny fruit pieces

  • BISK8 (butter biscuit)

  • FIOR DI LATTE (cream flavor)

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