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Successful stories are tailored around good ideas and visions. Today the gelato must be communicated, to specify its objective value, commonly perceived as subjective.

Why is a gelato better than another?

This can and must be, to answer this question, addressed starting from the ingredients, that must be suitable for you, such as the clothes you wear. Chosen and appropriate, because in the offer overview there isn’t necessarily a product that follows your story.




Just a shade, an ingredient, a flavor is needed to qualify your gelato unique on your showcases, a product that must adhere to the path you are giving to your artisans’ history, the communication on which you will build your growth. A story that is interwoven with whom has the knowledge and the experience.






Creating a gelato from its fundaments is an opportunity that is not permitted to everyone. We offer you to work with us, integrating your flavor and your desires with our knowledge of ingredients, of their dynamics, to result with the perfect recipe. Perfect for you, so you can narrate it to who will listen to you. 




The combination will be entirely up to you. Brown sugar, agave, beet, coconut, honey … numerous possibilities to reach the desired and unique sweetness and the creaminess that you expect.

A mixture for your smell and for your palate, like the best scent for you and only for you. A unique opportunity that will differentiate you from the rest.

The key element for your gelato, where everything starts. Do you want it Bio? We have the certifications to do so. Do you want it free from lactose, whole milk, low fat milk? Let’s decide it together.

Natural, modern, performers, hot and cold. From the counseling process we will start to understand together what and how to combine, with no secrets, applying Comprital’s experience in this delicate research segment.




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