Base Lactose Free new

lactose free 01

Research shows that the number of people with lactose intolerance is increasing both in Italy and in the world. For this reason, Comprital has created an extraordinary natural base with a Lactose free label. Such new development helps businesses to widen their target customers without compromising on taste and pleasure.

Base 100
The new natural base “Lactose free 100” has a clean label, without fats and emulsifiers. Enriched with baobab and citrus and chicory fibre, it offers a neutral flavour that suits any preparation for a “lactose free”gelato (with lactose less than 0.1%) with an airy and creamy structure. A new development in the Comprital’s offer to unlock taste and pleasure for everyone.

Base 500
Also available is the convenient “Lactose free 500” base, which can be easily diluted in water. It has the same characteristics as “Lactose free 100”, but it contains vegetable fats and any other ingredients needed to prepare the best lactose free ice cream.

lactose free 02