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The COMPRITAL Group was formed in order to achieve a strong position in the market by expanding into international markets and consolidating its expertise with the aim of uniting companies which have achieved excellence in the Italian gelato sector into a single entity.

Our journey started over 30 years ago. An Italian corporate, in the core of Milan, guided by an extraordinary spirit of innovation. A path that has taken us a long way, until being recognised as the point of reference of Italian gelato, due to the innovation and quality of our products, our creative offers and the high impact of our communication. Today Comprital includes a range of 26 product lines, a qualified research and development department, a production in the edge, in addition to export to more than 84 countries in the world and thanks to our gelato Athenaeum Academy flaunting worldwide famous masters. If your aim is to bring your business to the future of Italian high-quality gelato, come with us...